Literacy Success Through the Years

When the Literacy Council was first established in 2004, free GED classes were provided to Fannin County residents at one location with one volunteer teacher.  Now, the Literacy Council provides classes in both Bonham and Honey Grove, works with four part-time paid teachers and has 26 computers available in their two computer labs that provide GED assistance to students through use of AZTEC Learning System software.  Many students that have passed the GED test have enrolled in community college classes to further their education.  Students have used their GED to obtain employment or promotions at their current job.

In 2016 the the Literacy Council partnered with Grayson College’s Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Program to enhance program services and provide additional literacy classes.  As a result, additional classes are being provided in both Bonham and Honey Grove.  Also, Grayson’s AEL program is also providing English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.


Student  Quotes:

  • Tammy: “Before I enrolled in the GED Program, I lacked self-confidence and any form of self-improvement seemed impossible.  Now I am more confident and have a feeling of accomplishment.  Having my GED has inspired me to move forward with my goals in life, which before, seemed unreachable.  I now know anything is possible.”


  • Grace:   “For me, the GED was a wonderful achievement at the age of 44.  There was a sense of pride that came over me like I had just hurdled a mountain. I am very proud of this GED and the effects that it will have in my life.  This diploma has opened the door for college.  I will donate to this program even if it is a little bit because every little bit will help put a smile on a face that will provide a better future for everyone.  Times are tough enough now days and sometimes a push goes a long way.  Thank you to everyone!”


  • Ruby:  “Completing the GED has given me a feeling of accomplishment. Since I complete the GED I was finally able to go to college. I am now in the associates program working towards a degree in Business Administration.  Who would have even known that completing the GED would have inspired me to the extent that is has?  I am going as far as I can—I have realized that I am the only one in charge of my future; no one can change it except me.”